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No one will believe my memoirs

The world is infinitely small, Seattle doubly so.

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What's really going through my brain...
As a collector of information, trivia and just plain interesting info I tend to gather and pass along, but not really create. Since so much of it is on the web I tend to just be an unrepentant linker. this makes me a boring blogger.

However it is perfect here:

For whatever bit of science, quote or shred of info I've cabbaged onto lately go to the tumblr site.
Longer posts will appear here with exactly the regularity they always have, approximately none.

If you do pop over to Tumblr, let me know what you think of that format?

EDIT: All Tumblr all the time now, so I'm going to start auto-feeding the entries from there to here. This place is about to get a lot busier. (Interestingly enough going through the medium of Twitter to simplify imports.) Love that universal presence thing.

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